Restricted Key Systems

Shops, factories, schools, universities, halls, clubs. What do they have in common? All  can have their security upgraded with a  restricted key system.


Reasons for us designing and installing a restricted key system:-

Restricted cylinder locks provide reliable key security because keys can be registered in the name of the locks’ owner, and replacement keys can only be made and supplied against signatures. The request for keys must be done on a letterhead, and signed by the appropriate authorised signatory.

This means that if you have issued a key and it is returned you are safe in the knowledge that a duplicate hasn’t been made.


Another advantage is that if the keys are lost, the finder will contact us and we will find out which system it belongs to. We collect the keys from the finder – without telling them where the keys work.

You can then pass the information on to the staff member, club member etc who lost the keys (if you have recorded the individual key issue names) and save them a lot of hassle & grief.


 All keys are recorded and stamped individually. Access to different areas can be restricted according to your needs.


General Master Key – operates all locks

Sub Master – works some areas but not others

Change key – only works that door 

Restricted cylinders are extremely difficult to pick, drill and bump.


Locksmith Guild of Australia – 4 different profiles

Kaba Pextra Restricted Key System which offers the highest European standards of lock manipulation with anti-drill and also magnetic pins that are resistant to bumping – as used by Risdon Prison Supermax area.

If you would like to know more, please email: and we can custom build a system for your needs.