Repair Vehicle Locks

We offer a “we come to you” repair service for that emergency situation where your vehicle is non-operational due to lock malfunction or vandalism.

If your vehicle is able to be driven then we can arrange to meet at a suitable location and we can repair it on site, saving you money.

We carry a large range of spare parts to repair your locks back to original factory condition, saving you on the cost of new locks.

If we can’t repair your lock back to the standard of 90% to 95% of the original factory condition – with a long term operational life then we supply and fit a new lock. We re-key the new lock to suit your original key so you still only have one key to operate your vehicle as you had previously.

Many people wouldn’t be aware that there are not a large range of lock manufacturers. Often we can use an aftermarket lock to suit your needs, which is often made in the same factory as the original. We receive it in the aftermarket packaging, and at times we have received them in the genuine packaging.

Normally we can supply, key to your key, remove the old lock & fit the new for a similar price to a new lock from the dealership. This would then need to be keyed etc. so you save lots of $$$.

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