Sunday, February 25, 2018
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A Master Key System allows you to have one key to open all locks, with other levels of keys having the ability to open certain pre-determined areas. This can eliminate the need to carry all those keys with you and limits the areas to which other persons have access. Whether you need to control a domestic building such as your home, or a large scale commercial or industrial complex, having total control of access to all entry points through a Master Key system makes a lot of sense.

Advantages of a Master Key

  • Security with only a few keys.
  • Comfort, since there is only one key for all relevant doors.
  • Organization is simplified
  • You can exactly determine which persons have access for which rooms.
  • All cylinder locks and types (main entrance, internal doors, garage doors…) can be opened with one key.

A Restricted Key System has the same potential as the Master Key System with the added advantage of complete control over the entire lock and key system; i.e. no work can be legally performed on your system unless you authorise it. Also, the only locksmith that can work on your system is the locksmith with whom the system is held.